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10 Tips To Hiring The Best Photographer For Your Event


Present day scenario is such that anyone with a decent camera is a self-proclaimed photographer. Hence, while making a choice for a photographer for an event, it is essential to look into certain factors before hiring someone to click pictures. A biggest regret one could have is of not receiving what is promised to them. Many professional photographers provide amazing and unforgettable images, however making the correct choice for a Surrey photographer needs prior research.

  • Experience helps to determine a lot. Questions like where he received his training from, how many assignments has he done previously, what sort of clients did he have earlier are important questions, the answers to which must be received.

  • The style of photography that one wants should be similar or synchronous to the style of the photographer. These debates over the style one is desirous of and the style delivered, should be settled beforehand.

  • One important point to be kept in mind when going through photographs of an agency, is, who is going to be the photographer? There are many photographers working under a company. One should make sure that one checks out the work of the particular professional photographer instead of the many others.

  • The outfit worn by the photographer should be looked into too. The reason behind this is simple. The photographers are going to be seen by the guests during the event too. Hence they shall be dressed according to the occasion too.

  • Those photographers with the style and personality that is compatible with the kind of photos to be taken, are within the budget, only those photographers should be opted for.

  • One must remember to get the pricing done in advance and all the deals should be fixed beforehand.

  • It also depends on how soon the photographs can be delivered. One must be sure to establish an editing, design and final album in hand timeline and get it guaranteed by the photographer.

  • If contracts are offered by the photographer, it should be read carefully before signing in. one must ensure that every part is understood before the deal is made.

  • Another easy and reliable way to choose a photographer is to ask for references. Personal references from people and friends and colleagues are best.

  • The payment terms should be given a careful thought too. Cash payments, checks, discounts should be discussed with the particular photographer before signing the deal.

Talking to friends is an easy way to find a Surrey photographer. Having a testimony of the work from a trusted source is a re-assuring help. One should plan to meet the photographer in person before exchanging payment services. One must also ask to see the samples of the previous works. One should definitely get a sense of the level of professionalism of the photographer. Specifying whether black and white or coloured photographs are preferred is a must. Whether digital photographs are an option, should be verified. A person must make sure whether reprints, enlargements will be handled and what they will amount to. Lastly, one must review the contract and button down all the details. Deposit, cancellation, refund policies should be clearly specified by both parties.


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