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8 Benefits Of Martial Arts For Kids

image001Martial arts are ancient modes of exercise, defence techniques and meditation to enable the body, the mind and the soul to act in coordination. Martial arts are not only to harmonise the working of the body, the mind and the soul but an effective process to learn some devastating self-defence moves and attacks. If it is introduced at a very young age, then it enables the child to reap benefits in many spheres of life.

Most of the forms of martial art originated in Asia and include Karate, Kung fu, Jio Jitsu, Aikido, Tae kwon do, Judo, Muay Thai.

Benefits of Martial Arts: 

  • Fitness: Fitness is a crucial element of those learning martial arts. Children, who opt for martial arts training, often are healthier compared to those who do not. Warm-up exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, stretches are more popular and the movements involved in martial arts challenge your body and improve flexibility, regulate the cardio-vascular system. Martial artists are known for their flexibility, and being physically fit, toned. 

  • Self Defence: All martial arts set self defence as the corner stone. The ability to defend is not only very important and vital but also empowering. The exact methods vary with each style and discipline. You can be certain that whatever the discipline maybe, a practical education in martial arts will train your child in very an almost fool-proof way. Many martial art trainers teach a number of practical street smart ways to defend yourself and avoid problems altogether. 

  • Respect: Above everything else, martial arts are all about respect. Even before the kicking, punching and the other attack techniques, the students learn to bow to their masters or trainers who came before them. Trainers not only teach the students useful ways to defend and attack the enemy but also how to treat fellow students, teachers, elders, parents and all others with respect that they deserve. Herein, the integration of body, mind and soul comes into play. 

  • Self Confidence: A child who learns martial arts with the ample amount of dedication is the one who is confident about himself or herself. Working through the levels defined by the belt system, allows the students to work towards specific goals which also increases the determination in the student. The accomplishment a child feels when he or she progresses to a new belt is a constant inspiration for him or her everywhere he or she goes. 

  • Balance: Apart from the mental and spiritual benefits, learning martial arts inculcates extreme balance in a child. Also, it helps to prevent the child from acquiring injuries.

  • Learning Ability: Learning something new requires extreme mental focus and determination. Students will learn to concentrate under pressure and make something fruitful out of a pressing situation. With the repetition of certain techniques, students are able to learn the skill to perfection. Martial arts increases concentration and thus the children are able to learn various skills effectively and completely. This is not only applicable for martial arts but also in school lessons and other activities he or she is involved in. This is not only with the aid of memorization but through learning proper application of the lessons. 
  • Acquire Useful Skills: Martial arts for kids classes let the children to learn new skills apart from the traditional extracurricular activities but also make them physically fit. Therefore, instead of playing computer games and spending time in watching TV, striving towards acquiring a new skill that will benefit your child in the long run is more advisable.

  • Relief from Stress: Owing to the intense workout sessions, students find this a useful and effective way to channelize the daily stress and the negative energies due to exertion. Sweating is a good way to diffuse anger and other negative emotions. Rather than being impulsive, your child will divert the anger or stress in a fruitful way and thus become more focused and attentive to the important things in life. 

Some martial arts have a ritual that involves shouting. This makes oneself to relieve from the negative energies is a bigger magnitude.

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