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An In Depth Look At ‘Shake Off The World’

Just saw a great movie on the Internet. It was Shake Off The World, directed by Chuck Williams. It was a solid story about how a rising high school football star, Austin, who seemingly has the world and a great future laid out before him watches his world collapse in an instant. Austin then has to scramble to find a new home, a new school and a whole new set of friends and even more problems arise for this young man who once had everything to look forward to. It was a terrifically poignant film because we see Austin, when he is at rock bottom “Shaking Off The World” and changing his destiny forever.

The film was shot in Lumberton North Carolina, and was Avondale Pictures’ first film and it was definitely a home run. The script was written by producer/director Chuck Williams and the very talented cast included Victoria Scott, Lisa Cole, Aaron Mees, Chuck Williams and Jessica Lynch, to name just a few. We also couldn’t help noticing the expert camera work on this wonderful film. We found out that one of our favorite camera operators was on board for this production: Sharath Chandra.

We’ve seen much of his work including the films Regen, Borderland and Major among about twenty or so more. He always delivers quality work no matter if it is a feature-length motion picture, a short film or a documentary. He’s one of our favorites simply because his work is a cut above the rest.

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