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Bangalore-Shiny Nights


Bangalore is one of the most stunning cities in India at night and has numerous pubs and bars to spend time relaxing with a few drinks on the table or dancing to the beats. The nightlife in Bangalore may be restricted till 11:30 pm, but it surely packs a punch. Let us take a look at few of the best places where you would want to be to spend the evening relaxing, after a hectic day full of sightseeing in Bangalore.

Casa Del Sol

The night is never complete without a dance and if you love salsa, you should visit Casa Del Sol on Sundays. The bar is open every day from 11am to 11 pm so you can step in any time to grab a drink. Casa Del Sol serves all types of alcoholic drinks and runs a disco night on Wednesdays, but it’s the Salsa Night on Sunday that makes it the best. Amateurs can turn in on Thursdays to take free salsa lessons and get prepared for the amazing Sunday night.

Windsor Pub

Windsor Pub is one of the most popular pubs in Bangalore and is situated near Kodava Samaj building in Vasanthnagar. The pub is famous for its chilled beer and mouthwatering dishes; delicacies from Kerala and Coorg are the main attractions among Indians, as well as tourists. If you are in Bangalore, make sure to make time for Windsor or you would just miss a lot.


Magnolia is a beautiful bar and restaurant famous for its pleasant atmosphere. From lights to seats, everything is arranged to add to the comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant. Wide varieties of drinks are served here along with the most delicious Chinese and Thai food in Bangalore. Couples can also enjoy the open sky candle light dinner that is arranged on the rooftop.

Doff Pub

Doff Pub is a beautiful Lawn Lounge Sports Bar that offers a very unique experience. You can enjoy the sports on the large television that is available; the pub has a lawn floor that gives an outdoor feeling and creates a perfect atmosphere for watching sports. With a wide variety of drinks and foods, the Doff Pub is the best place to enjoy a football match in Bangalore. The facility also has outdoor seating and valet parking for the convenience of the valued customers.

Coco Bongo

The Coco Bongo in Koramangala is a very popular night hangout for Bangaloreans. It is located on the rooftop of the National Games Village’s Commercial Complex and is famous for its dance floor and open sky seating arrangement. Visited by numerous people every day, the Coco Bongo is one of the places to spend the night due to the fun atmosphere it creates for its customers. It is also praised by many for its barbecue and soothing music.

While in Bangalore, you would never want to miss these hangouts as they know very well about what you need after a tiring day in the Silicon Valley.

Authors Bio:

The author is a freelancer working with sites like events high. He shares his keen interest in events and nightlife in Bangalore, to help new visitors find the best and most attractive spots in the city.

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