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Different Traditional Ways India Celebrates New Year!

As per the Christian traditions, the entire world celebrates New Years on the 1st of January but in India, there are so many different religions and New Years. In India, New Year is rejoiced throughout the year according to the Hindu calendar. While Gujarati traditions celebrate it on a different day, the Marathi traditions have a different date and so forth. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the New Years in India…

  1. Ugadi – Telugu – Ugadi represents the beginning of a new age and is celebrated by Telugus in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It comes around the month of March or April. If your family or friends belongs to the Telugu religion, then don’t forget to find happy new year 2016 shayari or quotes to send it to them on Ugadi.
  2. Gudi Padwa – Marathi – Gudi Padwa is quite famous all across Maharashtra as it is the Marathi traditional New Year. It is celebrated by Konkanis too, and it falls during the last week of March usually. The 1st day of the Chaitra month is when Gudi Padwa is celebrated.
  3. Baisakhi – Punjab – This is the biggest harvest festival, which is rejoiced in the North Indian states, and it usually falls of 13th April. The Golden Temple looks astonishing during this time and you must visit it during the Punjabi New Year. If your friends or even better half is a Punjabi, then send sweet happy new year shayari to them on Baisakhi. You can find tons of happy new year 2016 shayari or simple quotes on the web.
  4. Puthandu – Tamil – The traditional New Year in Tamil Nadu is usually on 13th or 14th of April. The dates keep shifting due to the Hindu calendar, but it is mostly in mid-April. This festival is brought in by delicious food like MangaiPachadi (raw mangoes, neem flowers, jaggery are the key ingredients)
  5. PohelaBoishakh – Bengal – The New Year or NaboBarsho in Bengal is celebrated with a lot of energy in the month of April. There are tons of programmes held, prayers done, and it is also said that this is the perfect time for couples to get married. If your lady love or man is from Bengal, then don’t forget to text them the cutest happy new year 2016 shayari!
  6. BestuVaras – Gujarat – This day marks the starting of harvest time in Gujarat. We all know how colourful Gujarati festivities are and the same goes for their New Year. It is usually celebrated a day after Diwali with traditions and rituals. Also, Rajasthani people usually celebrate their New Year on Diwali itself.
  7. Cheti Chand – Sindhi – The Sindhi community celebrates Cheti Chand, which is on the 2nd day of the Chaitra month, which means it falls around Gudi Padwa. The Sindhi communities around India have a major celebration during this day to honour the birth of Lord Jhulelal.

These were just few traditional ways in which New Year is celebrated across India. Everyone around the country celebrates several New Year’s throughout the year which is truly incredible!

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