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Five Of The Most Important Pieces Of Kit For Creating Mosaic Art; Essentials Tools To Use For Your New Hobby

Choosing the right tools when you’re making mosaic art is important so that you get the desired finish to your latest projects. We’ve compiled a simple list of tools that you can find from any reputable arts and crafts supplier. Be sure you collect these tools for your next project so that you can create and have fun without any interruptions.Fibreglass Mesh

Fibreglass mesh is a useful tool when creating a mosaic wall or any vertical mosaic art. Often when gluing mosaics to a wall they can slide off or fall off completely. This happens because the tiles have no time to cure when resting on a wall. This vital piece of kit stops this and allows you to create beautiful pieces of art. To create any vertical art lay down some fibreglass mesh, as tiles can then be stuck down individually. The whole set can then be stuck to the wall using grout, adhesives or Adesilex.

If you’re a craftsperson who creates their mosaic art by printing off a design first, then fibreglass mesh can be placed over the top of it so that the design can be easily followed. When using fibreglass make sure you cover your work area as some of the adhesive you use can seep through. It can also be useful to paint the glue onto sections of the mesh rather than individual tiles.


Sidebitters are used to shape your tiles if you don’t want a square shape finish. If you want to create circular tiles you can start with a square tile and shape it using a pencil outline. Some tiles come with grooves on the back so that you can cut them easily. This tool is really helpful for performing those difficult cutting jobs; it allows you to do it with ease.

Wheeled Nippers

Wheeled nippers are a great tool for cutting glass – they’re made for this purpose and shouldn’t be used on ceramic or stones as they may shatter the tile or the rotating wheel blade. Wheeled nippers can be hard to use the first time around so don’t feel like you should get it right first time. Using basic sidebitters on glass tiles can shatter the tile and cause an uneven break, this creates an uneven finish to your mosaic work and can be dangerous as the tile may shatter into very small pieces.


If you’ve created a project where the tiles are spaced out then you’ll need some grout to keep it looking its best. You’ll also need a rubber grout cup so that you can mix the grout effectively, and without it damaging anything that isn’t purpose built for the task. Creating the right consistency for your grout is important as it will leave a better finish on your projects.


Adhesives are the glue that will hold your project together, literally. How you glue your tiles will be dependant on how big a project is. As stated before fibreglass mesh can help hold a whole piece together with the help of glue, however if it’s a smaller scale project then you can glue each tile individually, this gives you greater control over where the glue is going and allows you to create your work in steps without fear of the glue drying too quickly. Most hobby craft specialists sell the glue you’ll need to finish off your project.

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