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Five Top Tips For Throwing The Ultimate House Party

So you’re wanting to throw the ultimate house party? The chances are you’ve probably been to fair few of these kind of parties before.

Some house parties sound pretty awesome and you and your mates decide to go along and check it out.

However, by 12am the drinks have run out, you’re rooting around for left over pizza which you regret rejecting when it was offered to you earlier, and you’re having to participate in some pretty meaningless banter with people you don’t even know whilst someone has completely taken over the music decks thinking that they’re some professional DJ in Ibiza.

Reputation is hugely at stake. Once you send out of the invites via text or social media, a wave of panic runs though you as you the begin to consider the responsibility you’ve taken on and that your house party has to be one step above all the rest!

No need to stress though! These five top tips will help transform you into a house party guru so that you throw a party that your guests will be reminiscing about for days.

Guest list is essential

You can spend hours and days making preparations for your house party to run smoothly and for everyone to have an epic time, however it’s your guests who’ll end up bringing the atmosphere to the party and really get the vibe going.

The biggest fear of throwing a house party is that no one will turn up. Avoid this at all costs by getting all of your friends in attendance, whether these are your mates from school, university or work, make sure you bring together people from every part of your life. As you might have a lot of people who don’t know each other, making introductions is important, so get your friends to help you with this too.

However, remember to bear in mind the size of your house so that it doesn’t get totally trashed, but more the merrier is the best way to go with a house party!

Lastly when planning your guest list, inviting the neighbours or at least going round and letting them know that you’re planning a party will keep the peace and you won’t have to worry about them raining on your parade during your party.  

Sound system for maximum impact

The importance of music at a house party cannot be stressed enough and can really make or break the vibe at a party. 

However, it can be pretty frustrating when an absolute tune comes on but then you have people constantly messing with your playlist which took you so long to create. Therefore, why not ask your peers to see if anyone can or knows someone that could take control of your music for a few hours?

Also if you’re a firm believer in the motto go hard or go home, then treat your guests by hiring speakers to really set the tone of your party. Make sure to check out London Speaker Hire’s awesome range of speakers to get really get your party going. Not only do they offer speaker hire, but disco lights, haze machines, mirror balls and so many more services they offer could really transform the setting and vibe of your party.  

Keep the food and drink in full flow

Your guests are there to enjoy themselves, therefore as the host it’s your responsibility to keep them well fed.

A few measly sausage rolls and cheese on sticks won’t do much to impress your friends. Foodie Junky have some pretty funky food ideas for parties which makes sure you’re catering with everyone in mind.

In terms of drink, buying alcohol for a party could be costly so perhaps making a large punch for your guests to help themselves to could save you some pennies.

Try and provide as much variety of alcohol and soft drinks as you can so that you aren’t short before the night is over which could completely jeopardise the party vibe. Also there’s nothing wrong with a BYOB (bring your own booze) policy so encourage your mates to bring drinks with them!     

Party games

Different party games will work depending on how many people are at your party and what kind of vibe you’re setting, however having some top class party games is a sure way to break the ice and get your guests mingling if they don’t already know one another.

You can stick to some pretty traditional card games and twist them to add further entertainment value.

Have you played beer pong? This popular house party game tends to bring out the competitive side in people. Buy yourself a beer pong set from Amazon and arrange your guest into teams to compete against one another.

Stay in control

This last top tip for the ultimate house party is pretty important. Just because you’re in your own home, don’t treat this as an excuse to get carried away on the drinking front!

As the host, it’s pretty crucial that you don’t embarrass yourself, so be merry but don’t go over board! Make sure you’re on hand to deal with any situations that might arise and be sure to look after your guests so that both you and them have an incredible night.

Now that you’re armed with these five essential tips for the ultimate house party, all that remains to be said is good luck, enjoy yourself and remember these advice fundamentals for a successful and epic house party!

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