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Fun Name Games For Enjoyable Time

Meeting new people can evoke both, excitement and nervousness. Especially events where different people come together, it can be quite difficult to get everyone mingle and communicate comfortably. At such times knowing a few fun activities and games can prove very helpful. Name games serve a great purpose of helping the guests or participants know the names of other guests. These games are also called icebreaker games as they help in making people at a party at ease and beginning conversations. Doing these games is often suggested before starting other games or activities to encourage more participation and have more fun.

Reinforcing names with the faces is the main purpose why name games are played. Besides this, it also helps to associate and make other people aware of their talents or interests. There are plenty of fun name games played by people all over the world for establishing basic introductions in an exciting and joyful manner. Mentioned below are a few such name games which can be played at various events.

Name toss is the most common form of this game and it is highly popular as well. Being simple and fun makes it easier to play for guests of every age group. You can start by arranging all the people in a circle and asking one person to toss a ball to another person in the circle while saying his name. Then the person who receives the ball needs to do the same. He will say the name of another person and pass the ball to him. This will continue till the ball has been passed to everyone standing in the circle. The game needs to be restarted if anyone drops the ball while passing or catching.

In another popular name game, one person is asked to introduce himself by saying his name and mention any of his hobby or interest. Then everyone present repeats the name of the person, along with the hobby he has mentioned. The same process is repeated by the next participant. To make this activity more fun, the participants can be asked to act or move while saying it.

Name line is one more name game which is almost similar to the name game mentioned above but equally exciting as well. By making everyone stand in one line, ask them to say their names, as well as any favourite thing. Now the next person needs to say his name and favourite thing, along with the name and favourite thing mentioned by the person before. This game will continue like this, as next participants will add the names and items mentioned by everyone before them. Participants can also be asked to mention just names, to make it easier for children to play this game.

Mentioned above are only a few name games as the list of these games is endless. You can surely find various varieties of these games online, making it easier for you to choose the most appropriate and fun name games as per the interests and age group of the participants.

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