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Glamour Model Helen Best Set To Land Show On Essex TV Channel

A new channel for the local county of Essex is set to include programming on entertainment, drama, reality and sports and it seems they haven’t gone wrong on the entertainment aspect as glamour model Helen Best has been tipped for a show on Essex TV channel.

Defiant channel bosses are said to be ‘keen to sign her’. A source close to the channel told us ‘Helen is full of personality and has a story to tell and we feel it would be just right to give her opportunity to showcase her talent on the show’

An online profile for Helen reads “I currently model but looking for an opening in presenting. I have something unique about me where people just cant help but be fixed and entertained by me. If i was to say what presenter has characteristics very simuler to me if would be Divina Mccall and Cat Deeley. I did start to create my own show reel which is rather funny but i need some guidence and support to get it off the ground.”

Scheduled for an April launch the channel is already being seen as a major competitor for other local channels such as London Live and Cambridge TV however the channel is set to limit is news and current affairs output.


Creative Director AlinStacescu is currently heading up the channel assisted by Operations Director Tim Tiernan who also heads up sci-fi film festival Hyperdrive Film Festival.The channel whose slogan is ‘Bringing Essex Together’ will try and concentrate on reality programming that covers current issues and topics of conversation that encourage viewers to think and have a better outlook on life.

Essex TV is still seeking content and talent to join their channel. Presenters, actors and filmmakers with complete projects are encouraged to visit their website to submit their information.

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