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How To Create The Perfect Shot For Your Business Photos

The days of using stock images for your company or business website are over. Now you need unique, professional and creative images to make yourself stand out.

Whilst a photo-shoot may all sound rather terrifying, if you read on you can find out how you can make this happen smoothly and successfully – and happen well.

  • You need to get the best photographer you can afford. Look at their portfolio and see if they’ve got any ideas about how to make the shoot special. Make sure he or she actually sounds enthusiastic about your campaign, as this does come through in the proofs.

  • Decide where the shoot will be. Is it outside or inside? If it’s to be outside you might be restricted by bad weather or dodgy lighting conditions. If you opt for inside, either a studio or your own premises, have much more control. You could even hire some props and furniture for the day of the shoot from a specialist to make sure you and your company look as good as possible.

  • Speaking of light – if you are going to do the shoot outside, you need to think about shadows, light direction and intensity and even the color of the light. If your photographer is a real professional, he or she might take some test shots the day before to see how things look. The time of the shoot is important as well. Do you want bright morning light, or moodier evening light? People’s skin will look very different at different times of day.

  • Don’t forget clothing and makeup if you’re using models – or even team members who don’t scrub up too badly! Can you afford a makeup artist, or do you know a beauty student who wants to improve her portfolio? Ask around at local colleges, as there’s probably someone who will be more than happy to help.

  • If you’re just photographing props and products, a simple studio will suffice. You’ll need a plain background, good lighting and a decent angle, then let your merchandise do the rest.

  • You’ll have done a lot of preparation for this day, so you won’t want it to go pear-shaped! Ask everyone to turn up early and help to set everything up. You should already have your test shots, so you’ll know what you’re aiming for.

  • Sometimes photographers suggest things that sound quite peculiar, but these guys live through a lens (as it were) and see the world a bit differently to the rest of us. Go with these weird suggestions and you will often be very surprised at how right your photographer was. Try as many suggestions as you can, as some of them will lead to amazing and striking images that are yours and yours alone.

Setting up a photo-shoot can be quite an undertaking, but it’s well worth the effort, as you’ll end up with a library of images that you can use to reach your audience and market for some time to come.

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