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How To Get Right Contacts In Music Industry?

Are you striving to promote your music album? Is posting it on YouTube and promoting it on social media not getting enough attention?  In order to make your music album hit you need the support of the music industry. But how to get the right person is the biggest question.

It is very essential for an artist to be at the right place at the right time and know the right people to succeed in his career. The same rule applies if you are involved  in the music industry. Whether you are a producer, singer, songwriter, composer or a band getting the people to listen and buy the music you created is most essential to make your record successful. Contacts in music industry play an important role in promotions of albums. Here are a few tips on how to get the right contacts in the music industry.

Attend performances

When you want to meet a music promoter, the best way is to go to the music venue and make an effort to meet the band performing and asking them a favor to get yourself introduced to the music promoter. This is not so common way of meeting, but an introduction from the performer will act as a recommendation.

Attend conferences

The music business conference is a place where you can meet music promotion companies, label managers and publishers. Though the participation fee of conferences is pretty high, but the investment is worth if you are willing to meet people and make contacts.


Musiccontactlist.com is a great place to build your connections. Join a local music business Meetup, and take advantage from the small Meetup organized in your locality. Here you can meet with the local music companies and share ideas with them over a casual coffee. You will even get the list of music publishers at this website.

Use Twitter

Almost every music company, record label and booking agents have their presence in the Twitter. It offers a great platform to build relations. Make your list of companies that you want to follow and use the advance search options to find relevant people in Twitter.

Meet Concert Promoters

Concert Promoters have a massive risk taking appetite and influence the music industry. They deal with highly important people from the industry like production companies, booking agents, tour managers, artist management companies, record labels, well known bands, radio stations, press and more. You can take an appointment from a promoter in your area as they are always in search of fresh talent.

Write fan letters

This may seem a bit strange tip, but who doesn’t love fans! If you enjoy a music produced by a company or a radio station or a  music blog or a music website, send them a small email saying hanks for doing what they do. Selfless gratitude always attracts attention and you get an opportunity to build your contact.

Last but not the least you can buy a&r contacts in the music industry. There are many companies who cell contacts which consists of name, phone number, email address, social networking details and other details required to approach them. The companies regularly update and verify their data. Investing in such database often boost your career in the music industry.

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