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How To Plan The Perfect Private Dining Event In Boston

Boston is a great city for a private dining event, with no shortage of elegant venues and catering options to make your night perfect for you and your guests.

Here are some things to consider when planning your catering for the perfect private dining event in Boston.

Determine When the Event Will Start

The very first consideration is the start time of the event. Figure out when you want people to start arriving and when everything should be set up and entirely in place.

Cocktail Hour

One of the best ways to entertain guests as they arrive is a cocktail hour, giving them time to settle in. You should also determine the time frame in which you want to host this in addition to the rest of the event.

Menu Selection

Which menu have your decided on for your event? Some catering companies will require a specific selection, which you should double check.

Platter and Hors d’oeuvres Selections

Try to determine whether you want hors d’oeuvres, platters, or other selections for appetizers. Many catering companies will allow you to get creative, so don’t settle for a bland platter when a sushi tray or another exotic cuisine might be more appealing.

Water Selections

Consider whether you would like to host bottled or sparkling water for guests at an additional charge. In some cases, this might not be the most ideal option to include, but it can be a nice addition for more lavish occasions.

Bar Selections

Consider the options for customizing your bar selection. In many cases you may be required to pay for hosting of bars, but there are several general options to choose from, including bar packages for larger groups and cost-efficiency, hosted-on consumption for groups that are willing to pay by the drink, a bar tab for set dollar amounts, and a drink cap for groups that want to limit the number of drinks each person consumes.

Wine Selections

Certain caterers will offer a specific bottle of wine from a list, but you may have to pay more for banquet wines, which is a wine of exceptional quality. You should also make sure you’re only charged for wine consumed.

After Dinner Selections

You can also offer an after-dinner cordial cart for guests, but these can be expensive as they only include premium drinks such as cognac and cordials. However, this could be a great way to enhance your event if you have enough left in your budget.


Want to offer valet parking for guests? Many of these services are offered by caterers at reasonable prices.

Guest Count

Make sure to keep up with your guest count as it changes, which could influence the venue selection and options for the group.

With these tips, you can better plan for your private dining event in Boston, making sure you and your guests are consistently content with minimal unexpected shortcomings.

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