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Nightclub Tactics To Get More Customers

Whether you’re nightclub is brand new or has been open for a decade, chances are you could use more customers. Perhaps your Friday and Saturday nights are jam packed, but during the week you probably stare at a half-full dance floor wondering what you could do to fill the place up. Fortunately, there are a few tactics you can use at your nightclub to drum up more customers that won’t cost you a small fortune in the process.

New Cocktails

Nightclubs are supposed to be very trendy, so you need to stay modern with your cocktail menu need to have a good selection of new and daring cocktails to compliment your classic or you won’t be able to bring in the young vibrant crowd that makes you the most money. This is an art known as mixology, and if you can’t count on your bartenders to create fun new recipes, you can always hire an outside consultant to inject some new life into your dated cocktail menu.

Live DJ

Most nightclubs have dance music, which is pretty much a standard expectation when someone comes to a nightclub; but more and more venues are opting for automated systems which cost less and are more predictable. However, they can’t duplicate the energy and excitement that a live DJ brings to the room because they can feed off the crowd to give them what they want. At least on your slowest nights, consider bringing in a live DJ to up the intensity and bring in more customers.

Bottle Service

Bottle service has become one of the most desirable products that a nightclub can offer in recent years. When a large group of customers comes to your club for a fun night out, it is much more appealing to have a full bottle of premium liquor brought to their table with mixers versus standing in line at the bar every fifteen minutes or waiting for the cocktail server to come around to take their order. Additionally, you can attach a few bottle service sparklers to each bottle before you send it to the table to draw more attention to it throughout the club. Not only will you improve your customer’s experience, but you will likely sell more bottle service which increases your profits.

There are lots of ways to get more customers into your nightclub, but these are the three easiest ways that you should try before you spend tons of money on things live remodeling your club or launching a marketing campaign. If you use the right tactics, getting more customers in to your nightclub can be a simple and profitable endeavor.

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