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Popular Toys Infographic

The toys are always a big source of enjoyment, amusement and entertainment for the kids and children. Children love to have and play with nice and decent toys. Here we will list the most popular toys infographic . the children usually get most of the toys on festive occasions like Christmas. The Christmas is near and the shopping for this season is on peaks. Parents will be looking for the best toys to buy for their kids and children. We will enlist all the popular and best toys in our article.


There will hardly be any child or kid who have not bought teddy bear toy in their life. It has been most popular in the last century and is still liked a lot by all the children. Its creator has got huge fame and appreciation after creating teddy bear when he was inspired the movie and story. Many movies have been made on it and teddy bear is available in various colors, shapes and sizes. All children take great pleasure and interest in the teddy bear toys.


This toy is the most popular toy of all times and children play with it. They enjoy their time and so had done their grandpas. This might be stated the best and most popular in all times. Children take adventures and make building when they are with this popular toy.


No one knew that a train that was originally produced to attract window shopping would become the most favorite and popular toy for the children. Then all the parents bought it for their kids and every child has it in their homes. It got very much popular and the children of modern days still look forward to getting Lionel train toys.


The producer of this little doll Johnny had made it for his daughter. But later on, every child liked this little doll and now it is in every home. It’s the most favorite and most popular toy for the girls of all times. Nothing diminished its popularity even though many new and advanced technological toys have found their places in the markets but this doll has still its way all around in every home.


The very first Barbie was dressed in black and white costume. It had swimming dress. The creator had named it after his daughter and it got huge fame and became the most popular doll toy for the children. More than one billion Barbie toys were sold and it can still find its way into the home where it has its lovers.


Another most favorite is hula hoop and it was bought by every parent and child. It was designed in 1950s in plastic material. It had sold it more than 25 million toys all around the world.

This was the list of few most popular toys on dailyinfographic. These are still liked by all the children. The toys provide great enjoyment and satisfaction to the children in their spare times.

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