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Seasonal Photography: What To Shoot?


Some of us always been a huge lover of nature, which I think combines pretty well with photography. Nothing clears your mind more than going for a nice long walk – no matter the season. I wouldn’t describe myself as a fair-weather photographer by any means; just this weekend I was out in the mud and rain trying to capture the changing seasons.

Saying that – I make sure to get enough blue sky images to work for my business venture; I do photo canvas prints and people seem keener on those that are bright and sunny! Despite this, having a range of photographs is great, so get out there and explore every season. Here are a few tips:


There are some classic signs of spring that are waiting to be captured on film or digital file. Think along the lines of blossom on the trees, flowers starting to bloom, or baby animals in the field. I like to go for the understated effect, so much so that people might not even realize that it is spring in my photographs!

My tip would be to take images that mean something to you, and you’ll be back in that location whenever you look at the shot.


You don’t need to wait until your summer vacation to get some brilliant shots, simply have a look at everything around you. Cricket, barbecues, and kites all make brilliant subjects, so use whatever is available. Summer photographs should sing of warmth and brightness – they’ll keep you going in the dead of winter.

I love the colors of summer, which is why I took a photograph of this plant for my canvases. It has shades of pink and orange, as well as tiny highlights of green and cream. This is one of my bestsellers as it must also inspire warmth in other people.


Being born in the autumn, I also greatly respect the burnt colours of October and November. I’m forever waiting for the leaves to change color so I can get outdoors with my camera. If you go a few times over a number of weeks, you’ll end up with a progression of prints that document the trees in their various states.

I have a client who owns a few holiday cottages and he has put my print below in all of them! He reckons it is a good tool to get people outdoors to see the local area to discover their own slice of paradise.


Days that are cold and snowy will keep people indoors, so explore the winter wonderland in peace. It’s perfectly fine to capture gloomy pictures, or even silly shots of brave kids testing out a toboggan.

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