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The Best Ways to Get Photographs of Your Wedding Day

p1786131954-5 (2)There are a lot of things to consider on the run up to your wedding; I should know as I experienced the same thing myself just last year. I found that the internet was really useful for my research, especially blogs as they had personal recommendations from people who had already had their big day. One thing I was struggling with was how best to get photographs of my special day as there are so many options. In the end I chose a few ways to get some good snaps, and I’ll explain why below.

The wedding photographer

First and foremost, I was very keen to get the right wedding photographer for my wedding day. A friend sent me a link (http://foleyphotography.co.uk) for the photographer they used and I was really happy with the recommendation. I wanted someone who knew what they were doing and could capture special moments that weren’t staged, as well as the venue, decoration and guests. I wasn’t disappointed with the results so I’d urge you to seek similar recommendations from people you know. I’d also suggest having someone on hand who is excellent at organising people as this means that you’ll get everyone in a photograph at some point, especially in terms of certain groups like bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.

Cameras on the tables

I loved the idea of guests taking their own photographs too; that’s why I put a couple of disposable cameras on each table. People were a bit nervous about using them at first, but once they’d had a couple of drinks they did become braver. The result is plenty of amazing photographs of people having a jolly good time – laughing, smiling and being cheeky. These have warranted their own special album on our shelf, perfect for days when we need cheering up.

Amateur photographers

It may be possible to get a few more good photographs without spending any more money. Ask around and see whether any of your friends do photography as a hobby. Those who do may be interested in improving their portfolio without charging you a penny! You’ll probably need to be prepared for them to upload the images to websites such as Flickr, but if you are happy for them to do so then you might end up with some different shots that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Let people use their phones

Some people may think that it is rude to get out a mobile phone at a wedding, but these days many people are simply using them for the camera and video capabilities. With apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, there are all sorts of ways to share photographs instantly with friends on that social network. This means that you’ll probably get “tagged” and “mentioned” in a number of posts where people have taken a picture of you in your beautiful dress! There is a definite benefit attached to this as it means that people won’t make you rush to put up your own photographs from the day, something which you may not have time for if you’re about to jet off on your honeymoon.

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