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The Best Winter Farm Activities

Throughout the winter it can be harder for parents to find fun outdoor activities for their children with the cold weather, wind and rain putting a dampener on traditional pastimes. A day out at a children’s fun farm is ideal during the winter as there are many things to do even if the weather is bad!

Some of the best activities to enjoy during the winter months at an activity farm include;

  • Animal feeding- Many farm attractions will keep most of their animals indoors during the winter and there are regular sessions where visitors are able to feed the animals. This is a great opportunity for your children to experience the farm animals up close, feed them and even pet them.
  • Farming demonstrations- farms do not stop working in the winter and there are always jobs to be done. Activity farms hold demonstrations of typical farm activities so visitors can see what life is really like on the farm.
  • Taking part in courses- Some farms hold regular courses which enable participants to learn about various farm animals and how to take care of them. Popular courses include; taking care of pigs (feeding, housing and transportation), poultry courses and many more.
  • Indoor play areas- To help keep your kids entertained during even the stormiest of days, attraction farms often have large indoor play areas where your children can play whilst you relax and enjoy a coffee!
  • Winter is the perfect season to hire out an allotment and encourage your children to help you prepare it for planting season in the spring. Working together in an allotment will help you to show your children the benefits of growing their own vegetables to contribute to a healthy diet and will also get them outdoors in the fresh air. It is also a brilliant way to build a closer bond with them. You could even give your child their own allotment!

It is important to always encourage your children to be active outdoors, even when the weather is dull and taking your family for a day out at the activity farm is the perfect way to do this!

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