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The Popularity Of The Impactful American Cult Classic Films

The American cult films are some of the classic films that are enjoyed by a selected group of audiences. These films are mostly based on dark, revolutionary and ironical themes.

These theme-based films had an enormous impact on its immediate audience. These films were made with individual messages and concerning issues of the society which were quite impactful and engrossing. The cult films were eye openers for many. The passionate fans of these cult films used to view and review these films for a greater amount of satisfaction.

The audience reaction, as well as the content, is essential factors of these cult films. The whole concept of cult films dates back to the repressed films which were kept alive by the fans. The ardent followers of the cult films are the ones who hold on to the real essence of these films. The cult films, in the long run, have formed their subculture where there is a chosen amount of audiences seen appreciating these movies in the modern times.

The major themes of American Cult Classic

The cult films were made by the directors and producers with particular motives such as to break the social taboos. The cringing social system and its harmful effects crept into the social structure. These films showcased another picture of the society that not many were aware of in reality. These revelations were followed by controversies, debates, bans, revolts, media coverage and other arguments.

The cult classics based on dark themes are highly dramatic scripts with engaging plotlines and action sequences. Show girls is a French-American film directed by Paul Verhoeven that depicts the dark lives of the show girls. The challenges and difficult times of these girls’ form the major outline of the plot. This film was box office hit and had been popular among the audiences. The Army of Darkness, The Room were some of the other films that have been quite popular as the cult genre films. Bottle Rocket by Wes Anderson depicts the case of robbery and escapade that involves a lot of adventure and drama for the audience to witness.

The cult films that had unerasable impact

Eraserhead is one of the famous American cult classic films which are based on surrealist drama involving horror elements. Directed by David Lynch this film has an organ music support as the soundtrack. It was released as the midnight movie, but initially, it did not receive much popularity. Later on, it did, and the sound system had become its major highlight. Some of the other American cult films that had made a mark in the industry are Night of the Living Dead, Repo man, The Evil Dead, Harold and Maude.

In this particular cult classic named Harold and Maude, a dark comedy with the backdrop of romantic drama. This one portrays the exploitation of man in the hands of another man. Therefore, it presents another picture of the society. It is like a bildungsroman where an individual grows up and faces the reality of life in its true terms.

Therefore, the films of American cult classic origin were quite popular among its audiences because of the engaging story line and plot. The themes based on dark mystery and horror elements were an integral part of these cult classics.

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