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Throwing An Event On A Weekday At Home

Most of the time people get together over the weekend to toss back a few cold ones and talk about the stresses of the week and to let go of those stresses.

However, on occasion it becomes necessary to plan events during the weeknights.

When planning events on a weeknight there are some things to keep in mind. Consider your venue. If your planning an event at your house make sure all who are planning to attend have the proper directions and understand where the parking is allowed. People tend to be territorial, not out of spite, but out of necessity so if you’re having a party during a weeknight clearly mark the spots where people should and shouldn’t park. You can also check with the City to get abreast of the appropriate parking permits and laws. The last thing you want is to invite people over and everyone has a great time but they all leave with tickets.


Another consideration is the time. Most will be arriving after a long day of work. Travel is a major deciding factor. This can take a significant amount of time and you want to provide people with the opportunity to unwind and arrive somewhat fresh. If they have to scurry over to your house after sitting in rush hour traffic or being crammed in the subway this may make people skip out on your party because it won’t be worth the trouble.


Provide food. This may seem like a no brainer but it’s important to be deliberate with your actions and if people aren’t able to grab a bite to eat they could arrive at your party late, rush hour traffic, and then they’ll be grumpy. This can create unnecessary tension that could then lead to unnecessary arguments and nothing says no fun like arguments at a party. When people are hungry they tend to be irritable so keep this in mind.

Provide drinks. Again, this may also seem like a no brainer, but libation makes for a tension reliever. Be mindful of your timespan for your home event and try not to send people home without ample hydration. Drinking and driving is never a good option and to eliminate this possibility reminding those who have thrown back a few they can swill some water before hitting the streets not only shows you care about them, but about others as well. If you know one of your guests have had a wee to many, share your space, and give them the opportunity to sleep it off. If not for the whole night then a few hours of concern in this regard could save lives. Drink responsibly but also provide drinks at your home in a responsible manner. Time the duration and quantity and craftily remove the drinks or make them scarce as the night drags on.


Find a safe place for the children, if any are present, to play and be themselves so as not to distract if your event is a meeting and not to get bored if your event is a small hump day get together. Adult conversation can bore a child to tears and if the little ones are nagging to go this could cut short your much needed ‘you’ time. Also, if there is a place for the little ones make sure it’s in a safe area, out of the way of alcohol and supervised for their safety. Hiring a neighborhood babysitter or entrusting someone who is responsible to keep an eye on them will guarantee you have a great time.

Following these helpful tips can make for a fun evening and some serious social bono.  

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