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Top Performing Arts School London

Is your child destined for stardom? Are you looking for a performing arts school in London to nurture their creativity and talent? Then you need to consider only one name, Corona Theater School.

Founded over sixty years ago the Corona Theater School is the perfect outlet your child’s theatrical potential. Having produced a number of notably successful stars of the British stage and screen over its history you can rest assured that whether your child has designs as the next Albert Square resident or the heroine of Phantom of the Opera, Christine Danae then our training will give them all the tools they need to perfect their craft and be successful in life too.

As a dedicated London performing arts school the Corona Theater School offers a number of vocational courses that will install a sense of confidence in your child, helping them to achieve their aspirations whilst keeping their feet on the ground at the same time. As a premier performing arts school London admission is highly competitive. Each child must undergo an audition, short academic assessment to test their level of education and an interview.

Throughout this process we examine each perspective pupils’ attitude and temperament to decide whether they will fit into the culture of our London performing arts school.

In addition to the vocational guidance that we offer each pupil the Corona Theater School has a strong emphasis on the importance of academia. In addition to the invaluable training that each pupil receives they are schooled in the core subjects that every child needs. We run SAT courses in Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Art and French each pupil that graduates from our London performing arts school is certain to be educated, confident and independent and ready to enter the workforce.

If you’re child is privileged enough to be accepted into our London performing arts school then they will be treading the same boardwalks as a number of the country’s successful stars of stage and screen. Amongest our previous graduates is Naomi Battrick, star of the BB2  programme My Almost Famous Family. As a proud graduate of our London performing arts school she had this to say: “Corona has opened my eyes to how much I can do with my life, and has really helped me along the way.”

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