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Traditional Kids’ Parties Making A Comeback!

dsc_0920-copyIt’s being reported that children’s parties from Leicester to Leith are making a big return to popularity, with parents now favouring home or village hall over soft play or laser gun centres.

It also seems that mums and dads prefer to prepare the food for these celebrations themselves, as way of saving money on the price of expensive meals out.

The recession and hit shows like The Great British Bake-Off are no doubt behind the return to crafts like cake making, with nearly 70% of families saying they are making a return to old-fashioned types of party for their offspring.

Only just a quarter of parents are still opting for high-tech entertainment venues, and it’s only a health-conscious minority who are using locations such as swimming pools, parks or gyms. Of course, the expense of hiring out an outside entertainment venue is bound to be a factor.

Researchers quizzed around 200 mums, dads and guardians of kids aged between two and 10 for the recent poll, in a study commissioned by a children’s party company. The survey revealed that 99% said that ensuring everyone had fun topped the most important considerations when it came to planning a bash for youngsters, while over three quarters (80%) said it was crucial to think about doing “something new and different.”

The study found that just over half (51%) of respondents invited 11 or more kids, while nearly a quarter (23%) hosted up to 20 youngsters.

Some 51% said keeping kids entertained was the toughest aspect of hosting a party, while many revealed they were keen to get these events “over as painlessly as possible.” Just over a third (36%) reported that organising games was the hardest factor behind children’s parties.

According to the survey, normal dietary rules are suspended at party time, with only a quarter saying they attempted not to serve up an excess of sugary treats.

Interestingly, almost one in three confessed that part of their party plans was a desire to impress other mums and dads.

The party company which ordered the poll said: “We’ve come full circle. After years of ever more elaborate bids for entertainment, parents want to give their children a more traditional style of celebration. Having fun is still clearly firmly at the head of the agenda.

“But, more and more, parents are telling us they want to involve party guests in more thoughtful activities, with three quarters saying they wanted to include learning in these experiences.”

Whether you’re holding kids’ parties in Nottingham, Northumberland or anywhere else, one of the best ways of introducing this educational aspect is by hosting science parties for kids – and getting the entertainment taken care of in your home or other venue of your choice. You’ll also tick the “having fun” and “doing something different” boxes at the same time.

Expect super cool experiments, lots of slippery slime the youngsters will love, and thinks like chemical reactions that will change ordinary glue into Mad Science silly putty – or transform special crystals into a bouncy ball. There won’t even be any mess to clear up afterwards. Learn more online.

Juliet England is a blogger and copywriter who writes extensively across a wide range of industries, including for websites such as Mad Science/East Midlands.

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