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This blog brings to you an updated list of the top five locations to visit in India. In every aspect, touring different parts of your country is something which instills your mind with peace and provides you with recreation. So now, when your life gets monotonous and you feel bored from all the regular day to day activities which form an essential part of your routine, you can take a look at this blog and make decisions accordingly on which location you wish to visit!

  1. LEH, Open Hand Cafe

The open hand cafe in Leh is an international export house which runs over 3 cafes in India. It is very famous for its coffee and muffins. This is just the place you would want to be at in order to attain peace of mind at a completely relaxed state. Also, you end up visiting a lot of paper from different places..CouponDekho is the platform which is a paragon example of a supreme coupon providing service aimed at enhancing the user experience by providing them with sufficient coupons which facilitates cost cutbacks.

  1. Drifters Inn – Old Manali

Located near the calm Manali, a lot of tourists travel  to this place who wish to experience and have  a look at the true nature of the hills. Occasional acoustic performances enhance the visiting experience here and you feel divine peace. The Goibibo coupons can be availed at various online coupon providing platforms such as Savemypocket which provide various offers such as a discount of over 20 % or more by choosing a subscription plan.

  1. Raman’s organic cafe – Rishikesh

One can enjoy a very delicate cuisine here in Rishikesh. Various organically grown salads and soups as well as freshly baked goods.It will refresh your mind with ina minute. Cafe environment is quite cool and all the stuffs behaved well with the customers.

  1. Baba’s cake – Almora

This is a small tea stall up in the mountains in the  town of Almora. This tea stall is entirely owned by a holy man and his wife. You must visit this place as having a cup of tea in the serenity of the mountains reboots your system while you filter out all the redundancies from the corners of your mind. By making bookings at this place using the Zo rooms coupons.

  1. Revolver hotel and restaurant – Darjeeling

This is a nice chilling place cozy in every sense and pays homage to the famous beatles. Soothing music and a peaceful ambience exhilirates the senses in you and keeps you at utmost comfort. The revolver hotel is a major highlight in the hill station of Darjeeling and which calls for a must visit.

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