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What Is Music Distribution?

Quite Great Music PR is a marketing and promotions agency which also has a  distribution arm and a label , in business and the music business being no exception , distribution is a fundamental part of sales but in music it is necessary to understand what stage you find yourself as a band or an artist as phase one of distribution is being able to get your material across to a relevant market hence the first base of any band is learn where the market lies. This can be done very simply by getting out on the streets with your music and some cds….yes old school indeed …..and then selling them to the general public. This is level one of distribution but gives you a real idea as to what you are really entering into. There is nothing quite as satisfying as selling direct and seeing that your music translates live and then feeling , seeing or hearing the cash . From this stage you can then if you feel ready take on board a distributor as there are a huge number of them all ready to work with you , from the easy access styles of  CD Baby and AWAL to the longstanding ones who cater for physical and digital distribution like Nova Distribution.

Other ways to distribute your music

Other forms of effective distribution come from one stop style platforms such as Reverbnation and Bandcamp but most artists consider digital distribution to be the online sales platforms and streaming sites such as Itunes and Spotify, yet don’t forget everything comes at a price and all distributors vary in the %s they charge on sales and that is outside of the % the likes of Itunes take, hence check the margins as they can really make a difference. Some outlets may seem rather pricey whilst others are a bargain but make sure you know what you are getting and how easy it is to get out of the deal for example if that major label comes calling.

Now a few lines ago I mentioned the starting point and that is do it yourself , creating your own cds and getting out there, and with this in mind do not forget vinyl as although potentially pricey to manufacture a solid , well designed and relevant piece of vinyl can really tickle the fancy of consumers as there is nothing quite as fab as feeling, touching and even smelling the beauty of vinyl , not to mention that zip in your heart when the stylus hits the disc and the music is only moments away….am I getting carried away??!!

Anyway, and here is the selling bit , do not forget that without promotions teams like www.quitegreat.co.uk or a very active and precise digital campaign , which we also do…..but hey you guessed that didn’t you! your distribution channel will pretty much do nothing hence why you see a lot of distributors seemingling offering promotional services hence why I mentioned at the start we offer distribution but that is with promotion at the forefront hence make sure whoever offers you distribution and promotion they are not just adding on some one click hit out but adding a big fee to gain extra bucks to their bang …..if you get what we mean!!!

Anyway, as with most things in life, check the detail, check your stomach and see if both gut instinct and the small print fit together. I really like dealing with distributors as they are generally pretty world weary when it comes to being able to clearly state how tough it is out there and how impossible it is without real promotional back up , I love them most of all as good ones when dealing with a promotional team will be a cross between Godzilla and The Wizard of Oz as they can be tyrannical in outlining the promo needed and sometimes in a world of their own when understanding how tough it is to break a new act or to actually create a promotional campaign that drives sales and not just media awareness.

Anyway, if you fancy chatting about this and other matters visit our Quite Great Facebook or skype us at Quitegr8.

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