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Why Is It That Jumping Castles And Houses Are So Popular?

You’ve all seen one somewhere and have maybe jumped around yourself, but what exactly are jumping castles all about? What are known as a “Jumping castle” is an inflatable structure that you will often see wherever there are many children. Events such as a children’s birthday party, funfairs, company events and various others.

The jumping house style can differ in size and shape from the basic enclosed jumping area, to large “houses” of various designs. For instance, a jumping house can be in the shape of a castle, may have more than one floor or level and usually has a jumping slide. These playful buildings are extremely popular worldwide with nearly all children (and with a number of adults also!), and were first created back in the late 1950s.


The very first jumping house inflatable was more stripped down than today’s versions and the first surfaces of the houses weren’t enclosed. This was not so good an idea for children playing on it, due to them easily jumping themselves off of it, and even getting hurt in a worst case scenario. The early inflatables were supposed to imitate what it would have felt like to walk in space or on the moon. And in fact, jumping houses were originally known as “Space Walks”.

Material and Hiring

Jumping castles are normally constructed from a much stronger material than your average inflatable camping mattress and manufactured from thick layers of rubber, vinyl or nylon. And because plenty of jumping can quickly deflate a jumping castle, you’ll find that the best ones are constantly being refilled with electric pumps. These are normally plugged in or powered by portable generators, depending on the site.

Space Walks were extremely popular from the start, especially during an era when “Space Race,” was on.  If you’re thinking of hiring a jumping castle or other fun functions for an event, you can get a great deal on jumping castle hire in Melbourne from an experienced professional company.

Great Fun, but Be Careful!

Nearly all of the time, only children of a particular age and size will be playing on jumping castles and houses, but adults, especially if they are playing on small inflatables, can, if not careful, somewhat easily jump off and have an accident. (This also applies to children). It’s in the very best interests of adults to restrict the number of children playing with the amount stated in the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Having too many children jumping around can lead into them bumping into one another, which can sometimes lead to a miserable time and even worse. If you’re going to hire a jumping house or castle, make sure that it’s always well supervised to avoid any collisions and any improper usage. You can buy small jumping houses, but these are not manufactured to the same quality and standards, and will not have the same durability as the hired type.

Enjoy your jumping and do jump safely!

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