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Why Penny Is The Real Life Of Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory- well into stepping into its 9th season and the show can still tickle your funny bones like no other show. With characters like Sheldon Cooper…sorry Doctor Sheldon Cooper who tries to understand the ways of the world and has no clue about women to Raj Koothrappali who makes Indians look stupid globally, the show is relatable and enjoyable at every level.

While most people believe Sheldon is the breath and life of the show which is not wrong- after all everyone enjoys the antics of Doctor Sheldon Cooper, one often forgets the freshness Penny brings to the lives of the boys too. Here is why Penny is the reason the show is so enjoyable:

  1. She’s Just like Us

Let’s face it- while the show is incredibly smart with witty dialogues and science-y knowledge, most of it goes over our heads and Penny helps us relate to that. She’s a normal girl who is unable to comprehend and catch up with what the geeks have to say and this makes her all the more lovable. A show with just 4 geeks with high intellect might not have been such a hit.

  1. She’s Fun

While the idea of fun for the boys is playing Halo on the couch or watching back to back Star Trek movies, Penny actually shows the boys there is more to life and this helps bring some change to the monotonous lives the boys live thanks to the “Sheldonian Calendar”. Remember the time she invited them to a “normal” Halloween party which Sheldon thought is an epic failure? Such moments are the reason this show is so enjoyable and while you wait for Season 9 to hit TV screens, make use of bookmyshow coupons to watch a few good movies and earn cash back with discounts because you know you won’t be stepping out once you get your hands on the next season.

  1. She’s the Muscle

Remember the time Sheldon said he’s the brain of the group, Howard is the funny one, Raj is the foreigner who tries to understand their ways and Leonard is the muscle? Well from the looks of it, Penny is the real muscle of their group and helps the boys out when needed. Thanks to her “brawny Nebraska hands” and her ability to better deal with the world, she provides more strength than all of them combined. (She kills spiders for them and confronts bullies like Todd Zarnecki.)

  1. She helps Bring Perspective

She’s the one who always helps the boys see things they’re missing. Be it informing Leonard that he is in a live in relation with his girlfriend Stephanie Barnett, helping Amy understand what really goes on during a girls night or be it helping Sheldon understand some sarcasm, or be it helping Raj understand the weird ways women work, Penny helps the boys get an outsiders perspective and adds a bit of change of scene. It’s hard to beat the comedy of this show, however if you’re bored of waiting and need time to kill, use pvr coupons from Cashkaro and earn cash back over discounts and catch up on some good movies before you get your hands full with Season 9.

  1. She’s normal even when it comes to girls

With the addition of Bernadette, Amy and Emily, it seems that the gang is finally complete but let’s face it- Penny is the only normal person in an otherwise crazy group. Everyone else has their own set of idiosyncrasies but somehow Penny seems to the only otherwise normal character which is a breath of fresh air. (Although it was really cute to see Penny trying to look all smart when she tried impressing Leonard with her knowledge of Physics!)

  1. She’s the Perfect girl next Door

Penny is the ultimate girl next door- literally and figuratively. Whenever the boys run into any kind of problem, they can always call Penny for help. Be it a burglar who breaks in, going to the Comic book store and having Penny dress up as Wonder Woman, singing Soft Kitty when Sheldon is sick or be it Sheldon wanting to get dropped somewhere, Penny always comes to the rescue!

The Big Bang Theory is one of the best shows running on television and Season 9 couldn’t come sooner! The entire cast of the show is adorable and Penny is the ultimate ball of cuteness!

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