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Why You Should Be Entering Online Art Competitions?

People who are passionate about art are always on the lookout for options, where they can enhance their skills and gain exposure to the art world. Online art competitions offer you just that, along with a variety of other benefits. While the conventional art competitions are held at a particular venue and include steps, such as filling up entry forms and sending the artwork through mail, art competitions organised online are quite different. Mentioned below are a few reasons why you should consider partaking in an online art competition.

Entering an art competition online is very easy, as compared to the traditional art competitions. The entry forms can be downloaded, filled and submitted online, which is quite simple and fast as well. You do not have to go through the hassle of visiting a particular venue to collect the entry form, filling it up and then sending it by post, as it takes a lot of time. Moreover, you can also send your artwork as an attachment through email or upload it on the competition website, thus saving a lot of your time, money and efforts.

Today every process is getting online and so the results of art competitions organised online. While not all the art galleries are adopting this method, most of the organisers of such art contests are finding it easier and faster to publish the results online which can be accessed by participating artists sitting in any part of the world.

The exposure an artist can receive by sending his artwork to an online art competition is incomparable. As most of the conventional art contests are limited to a particular area or region, an online art contest has worldwide reach. Even if an artist is not able to win a competition, he can be sure that his artwork has reached to the audience spread all over the globe and this kind of exposure is unimaginable without the help of online medium.

Besides being convenient and fast, an online art contest is more affordable as well, as compared to conventional art competitions. As mentioned earlier, the forms of an online art competition can be downloaded and submitted online, thus the cost of postage and printing gets eliminated. At the same time, framing and posting the artwork requires good money in order to ensure it reaches the organisers safely. Besides this the risk of losing or damaging the artwork is always there. It is not the case with online art contest that is uploaded online, in a safe manner and that too without any extra cost.


Organised online by various art organisations and art galleries, art competitions are a great way of promoting your artwork and getting it published where people from around the world can see it. Other than a reasonable entry fee, an artist does not have to bear any significant expense for partaking in such a contest. That is why more and more artists as well as art lovers are embracing the idea of online art competitions, which can be rightly called a revolutionising step towards modernising and transforming the world of art.

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